Cheryl Ntumy, Sauúti Collective Member, to Release Novella “Songs for the Shadows” in the Sauútiverse through Atthis Arts

Cheryl Ntumy, esteemed member of the Sauúti Collective, is set to captivate readers with her upcoming novella titled “Songs for the Shadows.” This remarkable work will be published by Atthis Arts, an independent publishing house headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

“The novella is about the struggle to cope with grief, the ways we try to push through it and the power of finally facing what haunts us. It’s set on Órino-Rin and takes a mystical dive into existential questions.” says Cheryl Ntumy 

The release of “Songs for the Shadows” also heralds the emergence of the Syllble collaborative worldbuilding process—a visionary initiative that foresees a future where artists from various mediums come together to create within a shared world. This innovative approach empowers creatives to leverage the collective strength and brand identity of their collaborative efforts, providing a platform for diverse narratives to flourish.

“It’s an incredible honour to be able to share the story with the world. I struggled with it, but the support of the Sauúti Collective inspired me and carried me through the rough patches. I can’t wait for people to read more Sauútiverse stories!” Cheryl says

For those hungry for a literary and fantastical adventures within the Sauútiverse, they can purchase the recent release of the the Sauúti Collective‘s inaugural anthology called Mothersound.