PENS DOWN Collaborative Worldbuilding Event Expands To Triannual Cycles

New model of creative collaboration “reshapes transmedia”: Fabrice Guerrier, Syllble founder 

Los Angeles, CA –  February 26, 2022 – Science fiction and fantasy production company  Syllble Studios invites all story creators across mediums to join the newly expanded PENS DOWN Collaborative Worldbuilding event.  

PENS DOWN at Syllble is an experimental gathering space in which creators explore one new fictional world to play in and write stories. Creators come together in a virtual space to spend one hour writing a flash story within that fictional world. The flash fiction stories are then published on the Syllble website and the event is streamed live over Syllble’s Youtube Channel

PENS DOWN has now been expanded into a triannual worldbuilding production cycle. 

Creators at Syllble are invited to submit for consideration their speculative fictional worlds. Every four months, a new world will be selected for creators to explore, play in, and write together, developing unique narratives and coordinating transmedia worldbuilding that will culminate in a signature manuscript for publication. 

“Worldbuilding is a powerful model for rethinking media and storytelling. The creative collaborative model we’ve designed reshapes transmedia from the bottom up. That’s the future and that’s PENS DOWN.” says Fabrice Guerrier, Founder of Syllble

The first 3 months of production: creatives will have the biweekly flash meetups where they will write a flash story within a prompt designed by the World’s showrunner(s). The weekly Thursday Write-Ins provide a supportive space to write with others to develop and expand on their stories. During the monthly Studio Time, story creators can submit their works to be discussed and receive feedback. Writers will have access to the Syllble online platform where they ideate and work together. 

The 4th month is final production: final drafts of content will be submitted, curated, selected and the manuscript will be organized for publication. 

PENS DOWN is a collaborative space where underrepresented creators from across different mediums – textual, visual, illustrative, animated and more – can come together to create new worlds and reimagine possibilities for transformation.

About Syllble

Syllble, a science fiction and fantasy production company believes creativity expressed through collaboration within fictional worlds gives us the greatest opportunity to create a new era of storytelling that is more creator empowered and creator owned.