Syllble Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Collaborative Worldbuilding and Book Publishing Platform

Syllble Empowers Diversity and Creativity through Sci-Fi and Fantasy

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 29, 2023– Syllble, a Black-owned production and publishing house, is empowering diversity and creativity through sci-fi and fantasy. The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to build a platform that will accelerate the reach of the community and support the expansion of the worldbuilding and publication of books being created by diverse writers.

Syllble was founded in 2018 by Fabrice Guerrier, a Haitian-American science fiction and fantasy author. Guerrier is passionate about using stories to create a better future, and he believes that the future of literature is collaborative. Syllble’s mission is to provide a platform for diverse voices and creative expression, and to help writers from all backgrounds share their stories.

Syllble’s approach to worldbuilding is unique. The company partners with community colleges and universities to bring together creative writers and visual artists from different backgrounds. These groups work together to create new fictional worlds, and the resulting stories are published by Syllble.

Syllble’s work has been recognized by a number of organizations, including Forbes, The Guardian, Slate, The Root Magazine, and the Washington D.C. Mayor’s Office in its 202 Creates Program.

Syllble’s Kickstarter campaign is currently underway, and the company is hoping to raise $50,000. The funds will be used to build a web-application that will make it easier for writers to collaborate and share their stories. The application will also include a number of features that will help writers to promote their work, such as a built-in marketing platform and a community forum.

If you are interested in supporting Syllble’s work, you can visit their Kickstarter campaign page. The campaign ends on July 10, 2023.