Syllble Studios Unveils the Inaugural Issue of The Syllble Star Magazine through Its Imprint

Los Angeles, California, May 16, 2023 – Syllble Studios is thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Syllble Star Magazine, a riveting publication that delves into the boundless realms of science fiction and fantasy worlds. With its inaugural issue release in today for May/June 2023, this magazine promises to transport readers to extraordinary universes brought to life by the collaborative efforts of talented writers at Syllble.

Syllble’s Founder, Fabrice Guerrier, opens the first issue with a thought-provoking editorial entitled “Can Storytelling Be Saved?” Guerrier explores the evolving landscape of storytelling and invites readers to embark on an exciting adventure where imagination knows no limits.

In “Two Worlds Highlighted ,” readers will be introduced to two breathtaking fictional realms. “Parallelia World” captivates with “Micha” by Marsha Clarke and “Sabebel” by Brynn Yoder, two enthralling tales that transport readers to a future taking place in California teeming with wonder and intrigue.

Meanwhile, “Neptune World” takes readers on a mesmerizing journey with “Leaving the Surface of the Earth” by Tim Malachy and “Blessing of the Sea Hag” by Giselle Bodden, inviting them to explore the depths of a fantastical underwater world.

The magazine also features a captivating “Star Profile” section, showcasing an exclusive interview with the award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer Nisi Shawls. Shawls’ insightful commentary offers readers a glimpse into her creative process, her past, her friendship with Octavia Butler and the inspiration behind her acclaimed works.

Noteworthy is “The Afrofuture Corner,” where Dr. Teman Cooke explores how science fiction has influenced their journey as a Black scientist. This enlightening section demonstrates the power of imagination and storytelling in shaping the world we inhabit.

Syllble Star Magazine aims to captivate readers with its exceptional blend of imaginative storytelling and thought-provoking content. With each issue, readers will be transported to extraordinary fictional worlds crafted by a community of talented writers collaborating at Syllble.

The first issue of Syllble Star Magazine is available in today May/June 2023 for free. Readers can subscribe and find more information on the magazine’s website here. Don’t miss your chance to embark on an unforgettable literary journey!

About Syllble Books: Syllble Books, Syllble Studios’ publishing imprint, brings forth mesmerizing sci-fi and fantasy narratives set in distinctive worlds, crafted collaboratively by diverse groups of global writers and creators.

With a focus on science fiction and fantasy, The Syllble Star Imprint strives to push the boundaries of imagination and deliver compelling narratives that captivate readers worldwide.

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