The Nova Aera Artist Collective From Arizona State University Publishes Their Debut Collaborative Science Fiction Novel

Phoenix, AZ – August 24, 2023 — A group of innovative minds has converged at Arizona State University, giving rise to The Nova Aera Collective. Comprising both a distinguished faculty member and a dynamic lineup of seven undergraduate and graduate students hailing from diverse academic backgrounds, this collective embarks on a visionary journey to sculpt Nova Aera, a realm that envisions potential futures and dissects the intricacies of society.

The founding members of The Nova Aera Collective include:

  • Chandler Escalante
  • Libbie Farrell
  • Madeline Henderson
  • Allison Hoops
  • Karishma Kasad
  • Jay Yen
  • Lein de León Yong
  • Dr. Jenna Hanchey

Meet the collective: here

These talented individuals synergized their creative energies to birth a remarkable metropolis suspended across three distinct temporal epochs.

Named Nova Aera, this soaring testament to technological prowess graces the skies, yet conceals a sobering narrative of inner decay—a city of opulent welkins reigning above and downtrodden terras dwelling in squalor below.

Their inaugural collaborative science fiction novel “Nova Aera: A micro-novel,” is published today by Syllble Books. You can purchase an ebook or paperback here.