Nigerian Speculative Fiction Writer Wole Talabi Publishes Debut Novel: Shigidi and the Brass Head of Obalufon

Debut Fantasy Novel “Shigidi and the Brass Head of Obalufon” by Award-Winning Author Wole Talabi Released With DAW Books.

We are thrilled to celebrate the release of the highly anticipated debut fantasy novel, “Shigidi and the Brass Head of Obalufon,” penned by the acclaimed Nigerian author Wole Talabi.

Known for his Nebula-nominated works and contribution to the literary realm, Wole Talabi is a distinguished member of the Syllble Brain Trust and an integral part of The Sauúti Collective at Syllble.

Description of the Novel: 

Shigidi is a disgruntled and demotivated nightmare god in the Orisha spirit company, reluctantly answering prayers of his few remaining believers to maintain his existence long enough to find his next drink. When he meets Nneoma, a sort-of succubus with a long and secretive past, everything changes for him.

Together, they attempt to break free of his obligations and the restrictions that have bound him to his godhood and navigate the parameters of their new relationship in the shadow of her past. But the elder gods that run the Orisha spirit company have other plans for Shigidi, and they are not all aligned—or good.

From the boisterous streets of Lagos to the swanky rooftop bars of Singapore and the secret spaces of London, Shigidi and Nneoma will encounter old acquaintances, rival gods, strange creatures, and manipulative magicians as they are drawn into a web of revenge, spirit business, and a spectacular heist across two worlds that will change Shigidi’s understanding of himself forever and determine the fate of the Orisha spirit company.

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