The Nova Aera Collective From Arizona State University Will Publish Their First Collaborative Novel

Phoenix, AZ – August 1, 2023 — Eight individual writers: one faculty, and seven undergraduate and graduate students from different academic disciplines at Arizona State University, formed The Nova Aera Collective. They envisioned together Nova Aera, a futuristic world that shapes possible futures and explores society’s complexities.

The collective members are:

Chandler Escalante

Libbie Farrell

Madeline Henderson

Allison Hoops

Karishma Kasad

Jay Yen

Lein de León Yong

Dr. Jenna Hanchey

This artist collective collaborated to create a complex sky city spanning three different time periods. Named Nova Aera, this technological marvel floats high above the Earth. However, beneath its shiny exterior, the city decays from within, with the ruling welkins living luxuriously while the working class terras suffer squalor.

Their first collaborative novel, “Nova Aera: A micro-novel,” is set to be published by Syllble Books in August 2023.

The Nova Era Collective was formed in collaboration with ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination (CSI).

Syllble Founder Fabrice Guerrier says “College campuses are ideal environments to foster creativity and collaboration in imagining possible futures. I am thrilled for the writers of the Nova Aera collective, this collaboration with CSI and the launch of the first micro-novel in that world!”

By establishing more collectives and more worlds, Syllble aims to help people envision a better future, work together to realize it and build communities of writers and artists.

You can explore parts of the Nova Aera city on its Syllble world page here.