The Islands of Warasodar 

Creators & Roles

Brynn Yoder is a fantasy writer and recent graduate at Eastern Mennonite University.

Creator goals 

Get a series completed within the world. Willing to publish in whatever way that is going to get this world the most exposure.

Collaborations they are looking for

Game designers
Visual Artists
Script Writers

World summary/overview

Based around the 14th century, the Islands of Warasodar is a Fantasy world that has three islands: Arconia, Fia, and Wodwayo. Once united, the islands have separated into three nations. With the gods Scattered, they are each mortal. Svercle, the god of Chaos, still lies contained from the little power of the now mortal gods.

There are two magical groups that exist within this world. The Daro, who have been mostly restricted to Wodwayo for fear that those without abilities would fear them. They are capable of manipulating air pressure, plants, animals, temperature, healing, and vision.

Those who practice Alchemy are forgotten by most on the Islands of Warasodar. More secretive than the Daro, they are restricted to small communities within cities. They roam, helping those they can without revealing the potions they make in order to heal or grant themselves inhuman capabilities.

Story Themes

A world of inclusion. Within the stories to include the LGBTQ+ community, female leads, representation from as many races and ethnic groups as possible, and just an overall inclusive cast.


The Islands of Warasodar is made up of three islands:

Arconia: With its temperate or mild climate, it is the island that houses the stereotypical medieval towns and cities. Most of the leaders within Arconia are agnostic.  

Fia: With its hot and arid climate, deserts, sand, and canyons is the name of this island. Nomadic tribes have lived on it for generations in a mostly hunter gatherer colonies. If they spot anyone with magical abilities they kill them. It is considered unnatural to be able to harness power of the gods as only the gods themselves are worthy of wielding that power.  

Wodwayo: With its cold climate, mountains, similar to the alps cover the landscape. It is the place where most, if not all, magical creatures live. All of those that are capable of using the Daro magic system live within this island as well. At least at time 0.


Technology is stuck at what is possible around 1200 AD. Glass has advanced further than that.

Magic systems

All of the magic systems are connected back to the ‘gods’ of The Islands of Warasodar.

Right now is a time where the main god ‘Radarowas’ (Rearranged is Warasodar) has lost most of its power and is passing on its power to those who can defeat several of the other gods. Svercle, the god of Chaos, is responsible for this.

This is a little visual for the gods and how their powers transferred throughout the ages. The subordinate gods beneath aren’t necessarily the children of the gods above them, but they do have powers that are related and have evolved through the ages.

Daro system: These people’s powers are hereditary, handed down by the gods on the bottom line of the visual. Assume each of the abilities are limited by the users energy.

Earthendell (Pavlush): Capable of using any two seeds of plants and growing or reverse growing them.

Conjurers (Ilioneus): Capable of generating illusions that disappear when they are touched. Also able to manipulate heat and cold.

Aerokinetics (Flestion): Capable of manipulating air pressure. Upon closing their eyes they can see pockets of high/low pressure as a blue/red gradient.

Healers (Enya): Capable of healing, but not of entirely saving someone from death unless they are willing to sacrifice their own lives.

Vulkovar (Shriyan): A combination of powers that aren’t yet understood, generally considered very dangerous to use.

Beastmasters (Nakawatch): Capable of controlling two different animals species, ex. vultures and snow leopards.

Alchemists: Abilities granted by combining base substances and drinking them. These abilities are divided into six essences that are from different objects within the world. Mind, power, healing, nature, illusion, chaos. These potions can be combined in any way. Two objects of the same kind in a potion will always yield poison, but slightly different types. Some explode and some lead to hallucinations, just depends. This means that in order for the potions to actually do something other than poison. There are 57 ways they can be combined.

Map of Arconia

SYLLBLECON 2022 // Oct 29: ”Conversation With Warasodar Showrunner Brynn Yoder and Writers”

PENS DOWN Warasodar: Session 1 to 7

Step into the realm of collaborative creativity, where a collective endeavor has given birth to the groundbreaking literary work we coin at Syllble a micro-novel. “The Siege of Fenik,” currently in production and soon to be published under our Syllblebooks imprint. This endeavor has brought together a diverse group of imaginative individuals who, guided by Showrunner Brynn Yoder, embarked on a series of creative sessions to craft mesmerizing high-fantasy stories in the Warasodar Universe.

World News

The Islands of Warasodar Fictional World Selected For The Next Syllble Pens Down Production Cycle: Meet The Showrunner Brynn Yoder” in Syllble News

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