The Islands of Warasodar 

Creators & Roles

Brynn Yoder, fantasy writer

Creator goals 

Get a series completed within the world. Willing to publish in whatever way that is going to get this world the most exposure.

Collaborations they are looking for

Game designers
Visual Artists
Script Writers

World summary/overview

Based around the 14th century, the Islands of Warasodar is a Fantasy world that has three islands: Arconia, Fia, and Wodwayo. Once united, the islands have separated into three nations. With the gods Scattered, they are each mortal. Svercle, the god of Chaos, still lies contained from the little power of the now mortal gods.

There are two magical groups that exist within this world. The Daro, who have been mostly restricted to Wodwayo for fear that those without abilities would fear them. They are capable of manipulating air pressure, plants, animals, temperature, healing, and vision.

Those who practice Alchemy are forgotten by most on the Islands of Warasodar. More secretive than the Daro, they are restricted to small communities within cities. They roam, helping those they can without revealing the potions they make in order to heal or grant themselves inhuman capabilities.