The Islands of Warasodar Fictional World Selected For The Next Syllble Pens Down Production Cycle: Meet The Showrunner Brynn Yoder

The Islands of Warasodar is a Fantasy World based around the 14th century. It has three islands: Arconia, Fia, and Wodwayo.

Once united, the islands have separated into three nations. With the gods scattered, they are each mortal. Svercle, the god of Chaos, still lies contained from the little power of the now mortal gods.

There are two magical groups that exist within this world. The Daro, who have been mostly restricted to Wodwayo for fear that those without abilities would fear them. They are capable of manipulating air pressure, plants, animals, temperature, healing, and vision.

Those who practice Alchemy are forgotten by most on the Islands of Warasodar. More secretive than the Daro, they are restricted to small communities within cities. They roam, helping those they can without revealing the potions they make in order to heal or grant themselves inhuman capabilities.

About Pens Down

Pens Down is a chance to grow as a writer. Writing in someone else’s world works your creative muscles in a variety of ways. Pens Down takes place over six, separate, hour-long sessions.

Writing for Pens Down is not a guarantee that your material will be chosen for the collaborative novel at the end of the process. Your odds of being selected will rise if you have written in all of the Pens Down events. 

Production Timeline Fall 2022 For Pens Down

August 18 – Introduction of The Islands of Warasodar

August 20 – Act I A

August 27 – Studio Time

September 3 – Act I B

September 10 – Studio Time

September 17 – Act II A

September 24 – Studio Time

October 1 – Act II B

October 8 – Studio Time

October 15 – Act III A

October 22 – Studio Time

October 29 – Act III B x Hellsmouth (SyllbleCON 2022)

November 5 – Edit Act I

November 12 – Edit Act II

November 19 – Edit Act III

November 26 – OFF (Selection Process)

The Showrunner Brynn Yoder

Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

I am from the Shenandoah Valley. This area has a plethora of hiking trails and views that make my mind want to soar. 

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

I’ve read many works by Brandon Sanderson. That’s not how I was first introduced to him. I was on YouTube and found his writing lectures from BYU. Those lectures were extraordinarily helpful in honing my craft and I decided this guy has to have some novels worth reading. 

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration isn’t a location, it’s the lens I see the world through. I’m inspired by conversations and media because my ears are tuned to listen for those bits of inspiration for whatever writing project I’m working on. 

Describe how speculative fiction is important to society.

Speculative fiction is both an escape and a critique of society. We listen, watch, play, or read media because we are searching for a reprieve from our problems. On the other hand, that media also holds the power to bring to light flaws in our world that we weren’t aware of. 

What motivates you to create?

The need to create something I don’t think is exclusive to me. Everyone in the world is creating something; whether that be a future for themselves where they work out their days in a boring office job, or an invention. Creating is human nature, and for me, that urge to create presents itself through stories. 

What was the process like for you in creating a World? What does it mean for you?

It isn’t a light process I take on. A world takes a significant amount of time to craft. If I allow myself, I can get lost in the world building process. Then I remind myself, a world is only alive as the people are in it. That’s why stories bring worlds to life. Stories bring people to life. 

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Pens Down Schedule

10:45AM ET- Come in/Ask questions about Prompt

11:00 AM ET – Start Writing

11:45 AM ET – End Writing

11:45 AM – 12:00 PM PT – Debrief/Highlights

Studio Time 

11-11:15 AM ET – Check-ins

11:15 AM – 11:45 AM ET – Readings

11:45 AM – 12:00 PM ET – Give Prompt for following week