Syllble Productions Announces The Release Of The Collaborative Novel: Earth Raiders

Earth Raiders is a dystopian science fiction thriller, set in the year of 2087.

When a series of natural disasters in the not-too distant future causes havoc on Earth, displacing countless millions of people, it seems like the end has come. But human beings have always found a way to survive and thrive, even on a dying planet.

Years after the disasters that brought humanity to the brink, a new group has emerged. The Earthbound have discovered a way to live in harmony with the planet once again and, led by the courageous Micha, they follow his vision of the future, maintaining a primal and spiritual connection to the Earth and restoring some of the land.

But the Earthbound aren’t the only humans to have survived. The Silicons have also made it and their ideas are quite different, driven by powerful and greedy technology companies who have a metaversal vision of the future. 

Within this post-apocalyptic world, where the Silicon Raiders seek to digitize people’s bodies and turn them into automatons, Micha knows that the time has come to make a stand against them if he wants to save his people and the entire planet. 

But can the Earthbound stand strong against the power they face? And is it possible that those whose bodies have already been digitized can be saved? Micha hopes so but time could be running out.

About Earth Raiders

From the Parallelia fictional world, Earth Raiders is a collaborative novel called a micro-novel born out of Syllble’s first PENS DOWN production cycle in 2022. Writers and creatives in the Syllble community convened and wrote together in an epic three act plot over six sessions in this new open-writers room model led by Parallelia’s active Showrunner Marsha Clarke. It explores a myriad of topics from homelessness in the future, climate change to the virtual worlds of the Metaverse.

Earth Raiders: A Micro-Novel is out now through Syllble Press.

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