Syllble Announces The Writers of The Sauúti Collective and The Sauúti Fictional World

Through a partnership with Brittle Paper magazine, Founder Fabrice Guerrier announced the launch of ‘Sauúti fictional world‘ at Syllble.

For the first time ever in the world, 9 science fiction and fantasy authors were brought together from 5 different African nations to create the Sauútiverse and form The Sauúti Collective.

The creators are:

Kalejaye Akintoba (Nigeria)

Eugen Bacon (Tanzania: grew up in Kenya)

Stephen Embleton (South Africa: based in the United Kingdom)

Dare Segun Falowo (Nigeria)

Adelehin Ijasan (Nigeria: based in Scotland)

Cheryl Ntumy (Ghana: grew up in Botswana)

Ikechukwu Nwaogu (Nigeria)

Xan van Rooyen (South Africa: based in Finland)

Jude Umeh (Nigeria: based in the United Kingdom)

Meet the creators and read their biographies here.

Excerpt from article:

Sauúti is taken from the word “Sauti” which means “voice” in Swahili. This world is a five-planet system orbiting a binary star. This world is rooted deeply in a variety of African mythology, language, and culture. Sauúti weaves in an intricate magic system based on sound, oral traditions and music. It includes science-fiction elements of artificial intelligence and space flight, including both humanoid and non-humanoid creatures. Sauúti is filled with wonder, mystery and magic. 

Illustration by Kalejaye Akintoba

Excerpt from article:

Born out of a partnership between Syllble, a sci-fi and fantasy production house based in Los Angeles that produces fictional worlds, and Brittle Paper Magazine, The Sauúti Collective has produced a unique science-fantasy world for and by Africans and the African Diaspora. It all began after Dr. Ainehi Edoro, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Brittle Paper, Wole Talabi, Nigerian author and Editor of Africanfuturism: An Anthology, and I met to discuss what this collaboration could look like and the importance of bringing African voices together. Wole, now a Syllble Brain Trust member, has been facilitating the collaborative sessions between these nine creative minds leading to the creation of the Sauúti Universe.

Built on the philosophy of community and ubuntu, the collective’s hope is that this fictional world will be a sandbox for generations of African and African diaspora writers to work together and imagine endless possibilities of something new for a continent on the brink of cultural rebirth and renaissance.” 

Read Nigerian Author and Syllble Brain Trust member Wole Talabi’s comment on Twitter. Wole has been mentoring the members of the collective:

The stories are being written. More information will come out in the future on how you can apply to participate as a creator in Sauúti: