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Building a Community of Social Fiction Writers

Share your passion and vision with a group of writers that are working together to transform the way that fiction worlds are built.

Our Four Steps to Mastering the Art of Collaborative Writing.

Tired of Writing Solitarily?

Designing a Fiction Storybible

Begin by creating a dynamic fictional universe by setting the laws, rules, ideas and foundation that authors will use as the foundation for their writing.

Then, the world is shared throughout the Syllble community to encourage collaborative writing so that you can work together to inspire, conceptualize and deliver your pieces.

Short Story Critique

Once you have finished the draft of your stories, you can make them available for other Syllble members to read.


By receiving opinions and advice from those who are genuinely passionate about fiction, you can make the changes necessary to perfect the final edition for readers.

Editorial Curation

Our team of editors will read through the fiction pieces presented by the Syllble community to shortlist the favorite stories from our members.

Submission to Publishers

The editorial team will work closely with you to curate your submissions to Science Fiction and Fantasy small presses.

The Syllble process follows these primary steps:

✩ Incoming writers join existing writing groups or create a new world

✩ Writers collaborate with others to fill out the foundations of the world

✩ Writers submit a pitch to other writers to develop a story in the world

✩ All writers may request feedback on their draft from other world members

✩ When the story draft has been completed and given feedback, it may be submitted to the Syllble editorial team

✩ Together with the Syllble editorial team, writers will target appropriate publishers for submission

✩ Should a publisher accept the work, writers will be paid and communicate with the publisher directly for further arrangements and edits

✩ Syllble will develop a marketing strategy for published work

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