Suns Galore

Creators & Roles

Fabrice Guerrier (Sci-fi and fantasy writer)

Troy Hodges (Writer)

Dwight Torlay (Artist)

World summary/overview

The year is 2523. Humans have colonized the solar system, and Mars is now home to the largest factory ever created. The factory is owned and operated by a corporation, and it manufactures goods for the people of Jupiter. The Solar Federation is the governing body of the solar system. It evolved from the United Nations, and it is responsible for maintaining order and peace between the different planets. However, the Solar Federation is not without its problems. The rich and the poor are becoming increasingly divided, and corporations are amassing more and more power. Large spaceships and space mining operations exist, but the rich are the only ones to have access. The majority of people on Mars work in the factory, and they live in poverty. There is an underground ring of people who want more liberty for workers’ rights, but they are constantly under threat from the corporation.

The factory is located in a vast crater on Mars inside a dome. The crater is filled with giant machines that produce everything from food to clothing to electronics. The machines are controlled by a complex computer system, and they are operated by a small army of workers. The workers in the factory are mostly human, but there are also a few robots. The robots are used for the most dangerous and repetitive tasks. The workers are paid very little, and they live in cramped barracks. They are not allowed to leave the factory without permission, and they are constantly monitored by the corporation.


  • Planetary system dynamics: Mars is a critical planet in the solar system, as it is the central hub for providing food for Earth, Jupiter, and other planets. The planet is home to a vast network of domes and greenhouses, where food is grown and terraforming is taking place. The planet is also home to a large population of workers, who are essential to the food production and terraforming efforts.
  • The Dome in Mars: The Domes are a series of interconnected domes that house the warehouses and factories where the workers work. The domes are located in the equatorial region of Mars, where the climate is most suitable for human habitation. The domes are divided into different sectors, each of which is dedicated to a specific industry. For example, there is a sector for food production, a sector for manufacturing, and a sector for research and development.
  • The Greenhouse in Mars: The Greenhouse is a vast complex of greenhouses where food is grown for the entire solar system. The Greenhouse is located in the polar region of Mars, where the climate is more suitable for growing plants. The Greenhouse is home to a wide variety of crops, including wheat, corn, rice, and soybeans. The Greenhouse is also home to a number of research facilities, where scientists are working to develop new ways to grow food in the Martian environment.
  • The Center of Mars: The Center of Mars is a hidden community of fringe workers who have been pushed out and hurt by the machinery. They are hiding from the outside world, and they have repurposed robots to help them survive. The Center of Mars is also home to a hydroponics farm, which provides food for the community. The Center of Mars is the center point of planning for the rebellion against the corporations that control Mars and the solar system.


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